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The Bas-Bocage or lower Bocage is by far the largest of all the regions in the Vendée, it is a land of gently rolling hills, with small fields and the occasional wood. It is a land through which wind endless lanes and roads with tall hedges which is punctuated by quiet villages and small towns. It is a land of people at peace with their surroundings, yet with a history of struggle and conflict. This is the land of the great Lords of Western France and even the Kings of England, a land of great religions and equally great religious conflicts. As you wander around the picturesque countryside you will uncover the many facets of this land’s natural beauty as well as its interesting historic monuments that reach back to the early Neolithic period, through the roman occupation, the medieval period, the Wars of the Vendée up to the early industrial revolution.

The Rivers of the Vendée shape the landscape and the life of its people, of these the River Lay and its tributaries is by far the largest and most important. As the River Lay meanders through the Bocage it leaves a valley rich in natural habitats and beauty. It provides ideal conditions for the production of wine around the Mareuil-sur-lay and Rosnay which has the highest concentration of wine producers per capita in France. The Lay Valley is also a prolific fruit growing region with predominately apples further to the north, it also supports endless activities including fishing, canoeing and hiking.
Other Rivers that flow through the Bas Bocage are The River Vie which flows into the Atlantic Ocean at St.Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, The River Yon which is a tributary of the River Lay. The River Boulogne which flows north from
St.Martin-des-Noyers and after leaving the Vendee entres the Lac de Grand-Lieu

La Roche-sur-Yon is literally the heart of the Vendée, It was made the capital of the department after the wars of the Vendée when Napoleon wanted a central site from which to control the troubled province. He took a small village and created a geometric town, designed from scratch with a tape measure, its pentagonal shape has within it a series of roads and boulevards on a grid system and at its heart is the large square of Napoleon sporting a large statue of the Emperor on horseback, which was initially
surrounded by barracks.

Towns & Villages in the Bas Bocage
La Roche-sur-Yon
La Chataigneraie
La Mothe Achard
La Garneche
St.Etienne du Bois
Les Lucs sur Boulogne
Talmont St.Hilaire
Moutiers les Mauxfaits
Saint Hermine
Mareuil sur Lay
La Chaize le Vicomte
Les Essarts