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Montaigu castle ramparts and the ramparts park
Restaurants Montaigu
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On the River Maine in the Bocage of northern Vendee this ancient medieval town still has traces of its powerful past with the ramparts that still surround part of the town's centre, though there is little of the 12th century castle left. The town was such a strategic part of the fief of Louis XI in the 15 century. It was here that Louis XI fought the battle during the war "of public good" against the Duke of Brittany and thereby returning the town to the crown, the castle was enlarged and fortified The Parc des Rochettes and Jardin des Ramparts and the narrow streets near the main shopping area offer walks with views of the old ramparts and some old picturesque houses.
During the wars of Religion (1562-98) the town was attacked by both Catholic under "landreau and by  Huguenots under Agrippa d'Aubigny, during which the castle, church and part of the town were in ruins.
Recovering slowly by the time of the revolution it boasted 3 churches, a hospice,the convent of St.Saviour and schools, but the Wars of the Vendee  caused great damage as it was fought over by the Vendeen army and the Republican troops.
Today Montaigu is a thrieving modern town with lots of shops, bar, cafes and restaurants.

Chateau de la Preuille just north of Montaigu in the village of St Hilaire-de-Loulay, this privately owned chateau is home to one of Vendee's finest wine,  a muscadet so good that it was the one President Micherand ordered and drunk.The chateau has a museum to wine.

Maison de la Riviere. Saint Georges de Montaigu.  Tel 02 51 46 44 67. Eco Museum and activities centre relating to the fresh water world of the river. Full details;

Camping; Camping La Chausselière  Guyonnière (la)  Tel.02 51 41 98 40.
Camping de l'Éden   La Boissière-de-Montaigu

Taxis; Pottier 12 rue Honoré d’Estienne d’Orves Tél. .
Montacutaines Roy   2 bis rue Saint Joseph   Tél.
Stéphane Graton   25 rue du 8 Mai 1945   Tél.

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