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Talmont St.Hilaire

The name "Talmont" appears for the first time in a text of 1025, then in the thirteenth century it was found in two entries: "Talemont" and "Thalmont. According to linguists, the origin of the name would be pre-Indo-European: "Tala" meaning "earth or clay" and this suggests a human presence on this site since the dawn of time.
By the year 1000 Talmont was a famous town with a wooden castle. By the Middle Ages it had become a stronghold marked by an imposing castle who’s walls were washed by the waves. It was owned by the Princes of Talmont and from 1152 to 1204 by the English, and Richard the Lion Heart spent a lot of time hunting in the nearby woods. In 1628,the castle was dismantled by order of Cardinal Richelieu. Today the ruins of the castle still dominate the town, however over time, the sea has withdrawn, leaving the town of Talmont sleeping and dreaming of it's past reputation. Before the sea receded, Talmont was a port and so it was natural to build its castle with stone from the nearby coast, and if you examine the walls you will see that the majority of the stones are well rounded by the sea's action.

The Town of Talmont St Hilaire has other attraction besides the Château. On the edge of the town there is a large leisure lake with goods walks, a children's play area in the shape of castles and boats and a good sailing school. There are also a good variety of restaurants and shops, and many old and interesting buildings.

Port Guittiere.  Talmont St.Hilaire was once a port, but with the sea receding that function was taken over by the charming little port of Guittiere on the River Payre. From this little port, which specialises in the culture of oysters, the view to the sea is possibly the Vendée’s most spectacular seascape. The estuary of the Payre with its sweep of sand dunes backed by pine forest to the north and the rocky coastline with the nature park of pointe du Payre to the south has simply breath taking views. The area is also important as a staging post for migrating birds and for rare flora and fauna.

Port Bourgenay. This is a modern marina with cafes, restaurants and a golf course and makes for an interesting detour.

Veillon Beach. This is one of the Vendée’s finest beaches. Situated on the north side of the river Payre it gets very busy and parking is restricted so it is worth arriving early.

Musée Automobile de Vendée, is a collection of motor cars and bikes dating
from 1885.

Details of the Chateau Talmont

Markets; April to September every Thursday at the Place du Chateau.
              July August.  Wednesday evenings at Port Bourgenay.
                                Saturday Mornings at Rue du Centre.

Amusement Park. La Beliere Loisirs, 1088 Ave de la Plage. Tel 02 51 22 20 57.
Trampolines, karting a pedales, bouncy castles, Childrens village (for under 2 year olds)
circuit quads (5 -11 year olds), Mini golf.
Open; Every day in school holidays
June, Tuesdays to Sundays from 11h to 19.30
July/August. Everyday 10.30 to 21h
September until the 10th,  14h to 19h30.

GolfPort Bourgenay Golf Club. Tel 02 51 23 35 45.
18 holes. Par 72,  6392 yards,   18 hole pitch and put. Par54

The P. Thevenin designed course overlooks the marina of port  Bougenay, and is bordered by a pine forest on the very edge of the sea. The 85 hectare course has alternative pine forest and hedgerows giving two differing experiences.
Practice Grounds.  Both (in the) open air and under cover, together with a putting green and a

Tennis Courts; Salle Omnisports, Ave des Sports. Exterior courts Tel. 06 08 81 86 90.
Covered Courts, Ave Notre-Dame, Bourgenay. Tel. 02 51 90 60 42

Restaurants Talmont Saint Hilaire.
Antan la Belle Epoque. Port Bourgenay. Tel. 02 51 23 61 07.
Creperie du Ble Noir. Port Bourgenay. Tel. 02 51 22 22 15.
Le Commerce.3,rue Centre. Tel. 02 51 90 60 28.
Le Centre. 1, Rue Centre. Tel.02 51 90 60 35.
Les Parcs. 226 rue des Parcs, Port de la Guittiere. Tel.02 51 90 61 64.
Le Cap'horn. 589, Avenue. Notre Dame. Tel. 02 51 22 03 60.
Le Cottage. 60, Avenue Lucon. Tel 02 51 22 18 47.
Le Dinosaur. Le Querry-Pigeon. Tel.02 51 22 22 08.
Le Manoir. Route du Port Bourgenay. Tel.02 51 22 24 26.
L'Eescapade 2,Avenue Sables. Tel. 02 5196 02 40.
Le Triangolo. Port Bourgenay. Tel. 02 51 22 24 60.
Pizzeria du Lac. Port Bourgenay. Tel.02 51 22 21 63.
La Beliere. 1026, Avenue Plage. Tel. 02 51 22 27 36.
La Bourlingue. Port Bourgenay. Tel. 02 51 22 22 18.
Le Green.Ave Mine. Tel 02 51 23 35 62.
Manureva. Port Bourgenay. Tel.02 51 22 21 09.
Pago-Pago Port Bourgenay. Tel. 02 51 22 21 15.
Beach Restaurant Veillon.

CampingCamping Les Coqs en Pate. La Chopiniere.  Tel. 02 51 90 20 30.
Camping Municipal L'Esperance. 379 AVE notre DAME.  Tel. 02 51 90 60 42.
Camping Le Paradis. Rue de la Source.  Tel. 02 51 22 22 36.
Camping Le St.Hubert. 759, Avenue de la Plage. Tel. 02 51 22 22 30.
Camping le Littoral. La Salle Roy.  Tel. 02 51 22 04 64.
Camping Sun Ocean.  538 Avenue des Sables. Tel. 02 51 90 61 24.
Camping Les Dinosaures. 226 Avenue de la Plage. Tel. 02 51 22 20 10.
Camping Veillon Plage. Avenue des Taconnettes.  Tel. 02 51 22 20 38.

TaxisTaxis Bonnaud  220 rue de la Tonnelle. Tel. 02 51 90 66 19.
Taxis Tal-Yon 203 rues des Carriers.  Tel.02 51 05 21 15.
Taxis Talmondais. 403 Avenue Lucon. Tel. 02 51 90 60 82.

Photo gallery of Talmont-St.Hilaire.

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Talmont Chateau from the Lake
Talmont St.Hilaire, View from Talmont Castle
Photos Talmont
Talmont St.Hilaire, The Chateau de Talmont St.Hilaire.
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