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River Vie

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The River Vie is the shortest of all the major rivers in the vendée, being 62.2 kilometers long, but nevertheless it has had great importance in the past and continues to play a vital important role both commercially and as a natural resource.
The River Vie rises in the heart of the Bas Bocage at Belleville-sur-Vie, 10 kilometres north of La Roche-sur-Yon and flows west passing north of le Poire-sur-Vie, through La Chapelle-Palluau before entering the Vend
ée's largest lake just a few kilometers east of Mache. The lake was formed by damming the river Vie at Apremont and this vast stretch of water is both recreational with fishing, walking, boating and swimming from the beach at Apremont and as an important habitat for both flora and fauna. The lake also acts as a fresh water reservoir supplying drinking water to a large part of North West Vendée.
From Apremont the River Vie continues its westward flow as it gently meanders its way across the bocage north of St.Maixent-sur-Vie before being joined by the River Ligneron (26.9kms) south of Notre Dame-de-Riz. A few kilometres further on it enters and drains the salt marshes of St.Hilair-de-Riez, then flows under the bridge at St.Gilles-Croix-de-Vie to be joined in the harbour by the river Jaunay and on out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Le Jaunay. This is the largest of the tributaries of the River Vie and is almost as long at 45 kilometres. Rising at Vanansault north west of La Roche-sur-yon at an altitude of 50 meters, it flowing through Beaulieu-sous-la-Roche, Matinet and La Chapelle-Hermier before entering the Lac de Jaunay 3 kilometers south of Coex. The Lac de Jaunay was formed in a steep sided, wooded valley by a 200m barrage at La Savariere. The lake is used as a reservoir for drinking water and contains 3.7 million cubic meters of water, is 8 kilometres long and covers 114 hectares. It is also a beautiful recreational area especially for walking and fishing as well as a natural habitat. Fishing is possible all year round except for Pike and perch which is closed from the end of January to mid May.
After leaving the lake the Jaunay continues westward to point near Givrand where it is only a few hundred meters from the sea, it then turns north flowing parallel to the coast to join the River Vie in St.Gilles-Croix-de-Vie.

Photos of the River Vie

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River Vie at Apremont.
The River Vie as it enters the Atlantic Ocean at St.Gilles-Croix-de-Vie
Le Vie at Poire sur Vie
River Vie Images