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Things to do in the Vendée
Arts & Crafts
Sporting activities
Fishing in the Vendée
Walking in the Vendée
Cycling in the Vendée
Sailing in the Vendée
Surfing in the Vendée
Karting in the Vendée
Horse riding in the Vendée
Adventure Parks
Flying over the Vendée
Swimming in the Vendée
Water Sports
The Vendée has virtually every activity available as one would expect from the number one holiday destination in France. We have put together guides for the most popular activities, with as much detailed information and maps as possible. Below are short descriptions of these guides with a link to pages for fuller details. Opposite are quick links to specific activity topics.

Walking. Without doubt the best way to see the region is to walk, you get closer and see more detail, and also get to a lot of places and see things that you would miss with any other form of transport.
Within the Vendée there are thousands of kilometres of well marked walking routes. Each commune produces leaflets with the walks in their area and they include their length, time and things of interest to see along the way.
..Read More

Cycling. In 2010 there will be over a thousand kilometres of cycle paths in the Vendée. The well marked routes, many of which are on specially constructed paths, are the best way to get to know the Vendée.
The Department issue plans of the routes under the label "Les SentiersCyclables" you can find these and more information on
cycling in the Vendée.

Fishing Our guide to fishing covers many of the sport’s aspects from beach casting to rock pools, from offshore to carp fishing, and it also includes information on permits and permissible sizes and quantities of catch, for more detail on fishing in the Vendée

Golf. Our guide on Golf introduces you to the 5 courses in the Vendée as well as a couple of others in nearby departments. Where possible we have included prices for the rounds and any other features that may help you in seeking out your golfing experience in the Vendée. For more information on Golf in the Vendée

Horse Riding.  Those who have a passion for horse riding will find several equestrian centres that will cater for your needs. With such wonderful countryside to explore it’s a great way to take some exercise and do some sightseeing at the same time. For details on horse riding in the Vendée

Adventure Parks. Try your skills, of balance and agility up in the trees. With 6 adventure parks in the Vendée you are never very far from this exciting activity. There are courses for all all age groups and abilities.   Read More.....

Amusement Parks; For those who want a variety of activities for all the family there are many places that cater for your needs. These parks generally have a mix of water based activities, inflatable games as well as more traditional activities. Read More...

Surfing. Our guide covers all forms of surfing including long board, short board, body board, kite surfing and windsurfing. It indicates where the best beaches are and where you can hire boards or get lessons. For details on Surfing in the Vendée

Sailing. With so much ocean and many inland lakes your passion for sailing whether it be dingy, catamaran, off shore or land yachting you will never be far away. Our guide will help you locate the best centres for your sport, where you can hire equipment and where to obtain professional help and lessons. For more details on sailing in the Vendée  <>

Sand Yachting: The vast stretches of beach here in the Vendée are ideal for this activity and the beaches around Saint-Jean-de-Monts, Saint-Giles-Croix-de-Vie and Les Sable d'Olonne are notable for this exhilarating sport. See sailing in the Vendée

Canoeing & Kayaking. With so many different types of water facilities  throughout the Vendée many venues are available where you can practice your passion. There are also many places that hire the equipment. See canoeing in the Vendée .

Bowling: This is not a particularly popular sport in the Vendée and as such  there are just two Ten Pin Bowling alleys in the Vendée,. See bowling in the Vendée.

Diving and Sub Aqua:  seeing diving in the Vendée  <>

Cricket: see cricket in the Vendée

Karting The Vendée has several venues where you can hire go-carts and our guide will explain where they are, when they are open and what facilities they have. For more detail on karting in the Vendée
Flying: Whether you just want to see the Vendée from the air or take flying lessons while you are in the Vendée then both are possible, there are flights available in fixed wing aircraft, microlights, helicopters and hot air ballons.  Flying over the Vendée

Ice skating and Ice Hockey: see activities in La Roche-sur-Yon

Jet Skiing. See boating in the Vendée

Moto Cross With 20 circuits in the Vendée you will be spoilt for choice.  See Moto Cross.

Paintball. For the thrills and adrenaline rush of fighting with paintball the Vendée offers several venues where you can participate see Paintball in the Vendée

Parascending. For those that want the thrill of hanging from a parachute while being towed behind a  boat this activity is available at Les Circaetes, Les Sables d'Olonne. Tel.06 09 80 28 70.

Picnics. Eating out in the fresh air is France’s most popular summer activity and in the Vendée and the facilities that are provided to help you enjoy this most relaxing and sociable activity are second to none. Read More...

Rugby; There are six rugby clubs in the Vendée who play at a high level. Also available is beach rugby which for 2010 has the largest competition in France.   Read More...

Skate boarding and Roller blades. Most larger towns, and even a few of the larger villages, have venues where you can skate board or roller blade and these are generally to a high standard.

Swimming: Swimming encompasses  many forms from the simple dip in the sea, lake or pool to more rigorous sports swimming and fitness for all the possibilities and list of water parks and swimming pools see; Swimming in the Vendée 

Play Centres: For the younger members of the family these centres can bring hours of enjoyment, there are centres at:

City Zebres. La Roche-sur-Yon Rue Benjamin Franklin, Zone des petites Bazinieres  Tel.02 51 24 89 02     Indoor play center for 1 to 12 year olds.

Ile aux Jeux Challans.An indoor leisure park for kids.

Ile-aux-Jeux, St Hilaire de Riez. Play centre of kids. Open April to September.

Other activities that you may wish to partake in from painting to antique hunting, Bird watching to rock climbing,
wine tasting to star gazing and much more are covered in our Things to do, & arts and craft guide
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