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Attractions Marais Poitevin

The Marais Poitevin has several attractions though in general the main attraction is the beautiful landscapes with its picturesque cottages and and tranquil lazy network of tree lined canals. There are however several ancient abbeys and workings of the drainage system which are both picturesque and interesting.
We have listed below many of these attractions with links to pages for further information.

Abbaye Maillezais
  Built in 1003 the ruins of this once magnificent abbey is one of the real treasures of the Marais. There are numerous events held throughout the year.

Abbaye Neuil-sur-l'Autise. Known as the Royal Abbaye  being granted the status by Eleanor of Aquitaine then Queen of France,

aqueduct de Maille, which was built between 1654 and 1662 following the completion  of drainage work on the marshes around Vix.

River Sevre Niortaise.  Raising in the Deux Sevre the river
flows 158kms westerly passing through Niort before briefly forming the border between the Vendée and Deux Sèvre Departments at La Village de la Sèvre near Le Mazeau. It enters the Vendée as it passes through Damvix and then remakes the border between the Vendée and the Charente-Maritime Departments.

Port de Courdault. One of the ancient harbours of what was once a thriving network of shipping ways for the export/import of goods. Today a very pretty place to visit.

Port Azire. Similar to the port de Courdault, this was the last working port on the Marais Poitevin, there are interesting walks along the canals.

Polders de Triaize. The flat reclaimed lands of the Marais around the town of Triaize are known as Polders, they are very fertile, ideal for agriculture but also a haven for the flora and fauna.

Le Noeud Hydraulique de Bazoin. Both picturesque and interesting this is where several canals meet with a series of  canal lock gates and the mechanisms for controlling the water levels of the Marais Poitevin.

Nature Reserves; Though the Marais Poitevin is a National Park within this region there are a few sites that are either designated nature reserves or places where there are facilities for watching the wildlife. These include St. Denis du Payre, le Poire-sur-Velluire, reserve biologique de Nalliers-Mouzeuil and the Baie de l'Aiguillon.

Museums of the Marais Poitevin.

La Maison du Maître de Digues. Chaille les Marais
This small museum  is one of several on the Marais Poitevin  that explain the draining techniques used during the 17th century, see full details

Maison du Marais Poitevin in Coulon.  exhibitions and displays about traditional architecture and way of life of the Marais people also the flora and fauna,

Maison de Myliliculture, Esnandes. This little museum reflects the strong local heritage and know-how of growing and harvesting mussels and to better understand the activities and the environment around them, offers films, a dynamic and interactive exhibitions.

Towns and villages of the Marais Poitevin;
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