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Le Canal de Ceinture des Hollandais

Transfer canals such as the one shown here have the role of recuperating the overflow waters from the marshes, which are then either discharged to the sea or retained for irrigation of the land in times of drought.

Their function is best viewed during times of flood especially at the Bund "Bonde du Coteau" between Nalliers and Chaille-les-Marais.

Canal de la Ceinture des Hollandais was built in the 13th century when it was called d'Achenal le Roi, it was restored by Dutch engineers 1642 at the request of King Henry IV  hence its name today. The water was drawn off to reclaim what was then the Petite Poitou by 2 canals at right angles to each other and the entire polder covered some 6670 hectares which were devided into holdings of 50ha each.
In 1651 the nearby polders of Champagne and Bois Dieux in Vix were created

Apart from its essential work of drainage the waterway is a natural haven for flora and fauna

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Small ecluse on the Canal de Ceinture des Hollandais
Canal de Ceinture des Hollandais, Marais Poitevin, Vendee
Canal de Ceinture des Hollandais looking west
Canal de Ceinture des Hollandais, looking east
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