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Holiday Insurance

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Before you travel abroad on a holiday or trip of any nature it is vital to make sure that you have travel insurance. It doesnít matter for how long, adequate medical and personal liability insurance cover is a necessity, not a luxury. If you are unfortunate to have an accident or fall ill whilst abroad it could cost you thousands of pounds if you are not properly insured.
Having travel insurance can give you that extra peace of mind when travelling away from home that you are covered if your luggage was to get lost or stolen or you were to fall ill. Travel insurance doesn't need to be expensive but lost luggage and medical bills certainly can be.
If you plan to take more than two trips per year it sometimes is cheaper to buy an annual holiday insurance policy than buy two or more separate single trip travel insurances.

All Travel Insurance is Not the Same
Buying your travel insurance. Do not assume that each policy is the same. Your circumstances and requirements will be different from others; you must make sure the policy you buy provides the cover that you require. Always read the small print, make sure that you have the level of cover you require and ensure you are covered for any activities that you may take part in.
Travel insurance documentation should be carried with you on holiday, also keep the 24 hour emergency assistance number on you at all times along with your policy number.

Your policy should cover:

Personal accidents: If any of your arms or legs are in plaster some airlines wonít allow you to travel for 48 hours, which can mean more hotel bills and new flights. If one of your party is unable to return from holiday on the due date, due to an illness or accident and one or more of the party has to stay behind then bills quickly mount.
Medical expenses.  You and every member of your party should have an EHIC which will cover most of your medical bills but not all. You need cover for the amount over and above what will be reimbursed under the scheme.
Repatriation if your accident or illness is serious or fatal.
Loss or Theft; besides being very inconvenient any loss or theft can be expensive so adequate cover is essential.
Legal expenses: Nobody ever expects to need these but legal expenses can run into the thousands very quickly. Many cheaper holiday insurance policies donít cover them at all.
Holiday cancellation. You should be able to get cover for many of the incidents that may cause you to cancel a holiday at short notice. Accident or illness to one or more of a family party, holiday accommodation being cancelled etc.
Scheduled airline failure (SAF): If your airline goes out of business while youíre on holiday, youíll need new flights to get home, or even if the flight is delayed or cancelled and you have to stay over the expenses will mount up. 

Sports. If you intend to undertake any sporting activities whether they are extreme sports or what you may consider normal activities you should check with your insurer to make sure you are covered.