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Health while on Holiday
Before you go.
There a few of things that you should do before you go
on holiday. First, if you or any of your party suffer from any major illness or disabilities you should check with your GP to see if there any problems in travelling to another country that you should be aware of, and you should get adequate supplies of any medicines or dressings that you may need.
Secondly you should make sure that there are separate current EHIC cards for each member of the party, they are free to UK nationals for temporary visits. Anyone who doesn’t have an EHIC card can obtain one by filling in a form obtainable from most UK post offices, or on  online. Further information on EHIC by accessing this link, but
this needs to done several weeks before your departure. The EHIC covers approx 80% of the cost which can be recovered from the CPAM
Thirdly you should make sure that you have adequate insurance. Good holiday insurance is a must not only for the recovery of medical expenses not covered by your EHIC such as repatriation if needed but for peace of mind. A good holiday insurance will cover all the other things that can go wrong while your away from home.

While away on Holiday. Should you need care

Hospitals. There are 8 emergency hospitals in the Vendée as well as those at Nantes, Cholet, Niort and La Rochelle which may be nearer depending where you are.

The Hospitals in the Vendée are at:
Fontenay-le-Comte,11,rue Dr.R Laforge,(ZI Trois Cannons) Tel 02 51 53 51 53
Lucon. 41 Rue Henry Renaud. Tel.02 51 28 33 33
Challans. Tel.02 51 49 50 00
Les Sables D'Olonne. 75, Ave d'Aquitaine.Tel.02 51 32 05 77
Montaigu 54, Rue st.Jacques.Tel.02 51 45 40 00
La Roche -sur-Yon Les Oudaires
La Roche-sur-Yon Hopital-Sud. Tel.02 51 44 61 61
Ile d'Yeu. 17, Impasse Louis Rreymond. Tel 02 51 26 08 00

Doctors. Virtually every large village will have a doctor and there will be several in the towns. Most will speak some English and many prefer to talk in English as this lessens the risk of a error.
Doctors fall into 2 groups, those that charge the standard fee agreed nationally and those who charge more. The majority of doctors are in the first group, the second group often include specialists.
Although it is normal to get an appointment most will accept those who just turn up at the surgery. If it is not very urgent get an appointment, your local chemist (pharmacy) or Mairie will usually help.
You will be asked to pay a standard fee (22€-2009) which you can get a reimbursement of approx 60% (if you an EU member).

Dentists. Visiting a dentist for emergency care while on holiday is similar to visiting a doctor, there are however fewer dentist and it may be necessary to ask at a Pharmacy for the nearest. The pharmacist should also be able to make an appointment for you with the Dentist.
Getting a reimbursement for the treatment is the same as for Doctors and Pharmacies

Hospitals. To call for assistance Telephone 15 Ambulance, 18 Sapour Pompiers(Road and major accidents) or if you are on a mobile and neither of the above numbers connects you,  use the 112 international emergency number, this is especially useful if you are in a remote place and not sure of your location.
Admission to hospital
For an adult who has to be admitted to a hospital the following applies.
After admission you will need to take the patient’s European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and passport to the Bureau des Entrées and register the patient, this is quite often done for you especially if you are on your own. Normally the EHIC covers 80 per cent of treatment, however there is a daily sejour charge of
16 plus things like telephone and TV. You will need private medical insurance to cover the remaining 20%, you will need to phone your company to see if you are covered for this. After you have been discharged, you, or your insurance company will receive a bill for these charges.
You will need to pay for the hospital charges, The Sejour, TV, telephone and meals when you are discharged, this can be done by cheque or card.
In the event that you have lost your EHIC, or forgotten to bring it with you, you should contact The Department of Social Security, Pensions and Overseas Benefits Directorate, Newcastle upon Tyne, England NE98 1BA (00 44 191 218 7547) and they will fax a form to you.
Child. "Service Pediatrie"
In the unhappy event that a child needs to be admitted to hospital, the rules for registration of a patient are the same as are the reimbursements. The main difference is that a parent is usually given a bed alongside their child, although this is not always possible. You will either be provided with food or told where to get it, plus you will have shower facilities. The charge for this facility will be added to the bill which must be paid when discharged.

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