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L'Ile d'Her 10 Place Armes, Noirmoutier-en-L'Ile

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The island of Noirmoutier is just one of those magical places where the blue sky meets the equally blue sea, where the quaint little fishing harbours, rocky coves, glorious sandy beaches, picturesque houses and villages all form colledges to take away as lasting memories.
Today though cloudy at first was to be no exception, I was visiting the island with my brother Derek who was over on holiday and our aim was to reach the island via the passage de gois, unfortunately the tide was in so we crossed by the bridge and would take the causeway on our way home.
Having made streight for the town of Noirmourier-en-l'Ile we parked up in the main square across from the Chateau Noirmoutier and it was here that we started our tour. The medieval chateau was spectacular and after a short visit to the church of St.Pierre we decided that lunch was called for.
Our choice today was the L'Ile d'Her restaurant by the harbour side, it was already quiet full and we were hoping there was still a table free out side under the canopy. The waiter showed us to a table marked reserved by said he had another table that would be ready by the time the guests arrived.
The Menus arrived and we had a choice of a la Carte or two different formulas, we decided that the formula  for 12.8 which could be either an entree and a plat, or a plat and desert, for an extra 3 we could have had all 3, but as we were going to do a lot of walking and driving in the afternoon we thought too much lunch may make us just want to curl up on a beach and sleep it off.
There was an excellent variety on the menu of 5 starters, 4 main courses and 4 desserts. As we had plumpted for the entree  and Plat we were given the option of for entree; Moules Marinier, Carpaccio de saumon marine a la creole, l'aaiette de coquillages, maille feuille de tomate et blanc granni smith, or Carpaccio de thon marine au Soya. The maincourse were Filet de Merlu grille a la Plancha, sauce aiola,  Brochettes de Thon et Jambon fumee grille, Blanc de Poulet grille with sauce legere caraibes or Saute de cochan with legumes en couscous.
Dereks choice of starter was the carpaccio de saumon which were fine slices of fresh wild salmon on a sauce creole which he said was exceptional. My entree was l'assiette de coquillages which was a delightful plate of shell fish and included oysters, whelks, cockels, winkles and prawns served on a bed of seaweed with brown bread and a shallot sauce, it was extemely fresh and a well balanced mix.
We choose not to drink wine with the meal as firstly I no longer am permitted to have any more than a small tasted of alcahol and with driving and walking we both decided to abstain and just drink water.
For our main course derek had picked the Blanc de Poulet which was thiny sliced breast of chicken grille and sauce legere caraibes with rice and green salade. My choice was the filet de Merlu grille a la plancha with sauce aiola which is a fillet of hake which has been grilled, the sauce aiola and served with rice and carrots.
Both the chicken and the hake were tender and succulent, the rice is rice and not more can be said though i was disappointed by the vegetable which though ok lacked any inspiration or thought.
The service was quick and workman like and the ambience was as you would expect from a harbour front restaurant in holiday season. All in all a very enjoyable meal in a great setting, I can recommend l'Ile d'Her restaurant.  Trevor.

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l'ile d'Her restaurant ot noirmoutier-en-l'ile
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Carpaccio de Saumon
l'assiette de coquillages at l'ile d'Her restaurant.
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