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Article Terms and Conditions

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Articles may be submitted for inclusion on the Vendee Guide as long as the following terms and conditions are adhered to.

1. The article must be your original work and not someone else's copyright or re-worked article.
2. It must be submitted with permission that it may be further copied so long as it remains intact and includes the author’s bio.
3. No HTML links are allowed save those in the author’s bio or to an external site that adds value to the article. The editor of vendee-guide will be the sole arbiter as to whether the link conforms.
4. Any images supplied must be your own work and/or have a commons license attached. which means that they are free to be copied under the license.
5. The Article must be relevant to the Vendée or to visitors to France.
6. The publishing of any article is solely at the discretion of the editor of the

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