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Situated in the Haut Bocage at 285 meters above sea level this is the highest point in the Vendée. The Romans, who had an observation post here, dedicated it to Mercury the god of merchants and thieves, while the Christians dedicated it to St.Michel, hence its name. There was a church here as early as the 12th century, which was replaced in the 19th century. On top of the church the huge bronze statue of the archangel St.Michel slaying a dragon with a 9 meter long sword, was placed there by helicopter. You can climb the bell tower (199 steps, 36 meters) to obtain a spectacular panoramic view over the whole of the Vendée as well as 4 other departments.

Moulin des Justices. On the D755 3 kilometres towards les Herbiers is a 19th century windmill with slatted sail, which is open to the public.

La Flocelliere is 1 kilometre east of St. Michel-Mont-Mercure on the D64 and is a fascinating village where the church is a meeting of Renaissance and Gothic styles. The original château was replaced in the 15th century however of this only the keep still stands, together with a 17th century east wing and entrance, and other buildings which were  added in the 18th century.
The wars of Religion (1562-98) and the Wars of the Vendée (1793-96) did considerable damage to both church and castle.

Les Chatelliers & Chateaumur. These two small communes are situated 6 kilometres east of St.Michel-Mont-Mercure on the D64. Chateaumur has the remains of the smallest, yet most enchanting feudal castle in the Vendée. Perched on a little hillock with views over the surrounding countryside one enters through the original arched entrance to find what is left of the keep. Built into the walls of the castle are cottages which were built more recently and are still inhabited today. A visit to this little castle is a most charming detour.
Les Chatelliers is across the valley and is built on another small hillock, which was of importance in medieval times and
has spectacular panoramic views.

Restaurants; Auberge Mont Mercure. 8,rue Orbrie. Tel.02 51 57 20 26.
Ralais St Michel. 2, Place Relais. Tel. 02 51 57 20 06
Restaurant du Moulin des Justices. Tel. 02 51 61 05 67.

Taxis; Taxis du Haut Bocage Geay. 1, Place des Relais.  Tel. 02 51 57 80 83.

Photo Gallery of St.Michel, La Flocelliere, Les Chatelliers & Chateaumur

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