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Situated between La Tranche-sur-Mer and St.Vincent-sur-Jard, this commune has all the necessary components of a great holiday destination.
Despite its name Longville-sur-Mer is a couple of kilometers from the sea and is surrounded by 650 hectares of pine forest, marais (marshes) and of course the 7 kilometers  of beaches  along the Atlantic Coast.
On the 7kms of some of the finest beaches in the Vendee,including those of Les Conches, Le Rocher and Bouil, you will find all the activities that make up beach holiday. Of course there's the fine golden sand which gentle slopes to the ocean, though there are some great spots for surfers especially at Les Conches. And this is supported by 4 surf schools, 3 at Les Conches and one at Le Rocher. Sailors are not forgotten either as there is a sailing school at Bouil beach for small catamarans and sail boards.

The Marais at longville is the most northerly part of the Marais Poitevin and it is a nature lovers paradise with all manor of flora and fauna. Canoes can be hired from Marair-Longville or of course you can cycle or walk your around this interesting area.

The 650 hectares of the forest de Longville was planted in the 19th century to stabilise the sand dunes from erosion and hence protect the land that had been drained on the Marais Poitevin. Today the forest is an ideal place to take walks or cycle and a guide to various trails can be had from the local tourist board cost 1€.
There is a fitness circuit within the forest with over 30 exercises for those who want to keep in trim.

If you want to have a look at the area from the air then flights are possible with Base Ulm 

Mini golf. There is a mini golf course at 44, rue de la Paree le Bouil open from June to September.

Horse Riding. There are 3 outlets for horse riding  around Longville-sur-Mer.
                   Horse riding Pony Club, Motte Martin
                   Ranch le Secureuils les Conches.
                   Mandala Ranch Les Conches.

Restaurants Longville-sur-mer.

Brasserie Le Tassigny. 2, rue de Lattre de Tassigny. Tel. 02 51 33 57 48.
La Fragounette, 745 ave Doctor Joussement. Tel. 02 51 90 34 77.
La Mariennee. 38, Chemin Oursins, le Bouil. Tel. 02 51 33 41 73.
Les Sports. 10 place liberte. Tel.02 51 33 31 48.
Les Flots Bleus. 1450 Ave Dr. Mathevey Le Rocher. Tel. 02 51 96 10 78.
L'Ozone. Ave Dr. Joussement, les Conches. Tel. 02 51 90 34 77.

Camping;              Camping des Brunelles. 541, rue Paree. Tel. 02 51 33 50 75.
                            Camping le Clos des Pins. Les Conches. Tel. 02 51 90 31 69
                            Camping les Forastiere. Route,Tranche-sur-Mer. Tel. 02 51 33 30 90.
                            Camping de la Fretille. La Basse Saligottiere. Tel.02 51 96 18 11.
                            Camping Les ramiers, 44,rue Tulipes Tel.02 51 33 32 21.
                            Camping le Sous Bois. La Haut Saligottiere Tel. 02 51 33 36 90.
                            Camping le Troussepoil. Route Angles. Te. 02 51 97 51 50.
                            Camping Parfums D'Ete. 76  Chemin Roulettes. Tel. 02 51  33 06 72.
                            Hotellerie de plain air des Dunes, Les Conches.Tel. 02 51 33 32 93.
                            LePetitRocher 1250 rue Dr.Mathevet. Tel. 02 51 90 31 57.
                            Les Aulnettes. Rue Mare. Tel. 02 51 33 55 52.
                            Le Zagarela, route la Tranche-sur-Mer.Boubes. Tel 02 51 33 30 60.
                            Masson. Les Conches. Tel 09 62 10 55 20.

Bike Hire;  Belliard Lionel. 30,rue Ocean. Tel. 02 51 3329 52.
                    Le Rocher des Moussaillons. 1335 Ave Dr.Mathevet. Tel. 02 51 95 08 26.

TaxisTaxis Goddard Frederic. Rue Plaine.   Tel. 02 51 33 30 76.
          Taxis de la Conches.  25, rue Conches. Les Conches.  Tel. 02 51 22 33 85.

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Beach at Le Rocher, Longville-sur-Mer
Beach at Bouil, Longville-sur-Mer, Vendee
Beach at Les Conches, Longville-sur-Mer
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