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Le Boupère

Le Boupère is 7 kilometres west of Pouzauges on the boundary between the Bas and Haut Bocage, and it is a quiet town of narrow streets built around its medieval Church.
The church, which was built in the 12th century, was fortified during the 15th century and from the front looks to all intents and purposes like a castle. The fortifications were deemed necessary to protect the inhabitants of the town from attack.

The church was built in 3 stages; the first in the 12th century in the shape of a Latin cross with a semi-circular choir, was in the Roman style. The second stage was an addition at the end of the 14th century and the beginning of the 15th century in the middle of the 100 years War 1337-1458 when the fortifications were added to protect the populace, fortunately however it seems that they were never tested.
The third stage was an addition in the 19th century to the north transit and reconstruction of the choir in which took place in 1867 and then in 1890, when the south transit was enlarged.
The L'oculus (a round window in the facade) had new stained glass windows added in 1926.

Restaurants in and around Le Boupère;

Hotel des Trois Piliers. 1, rue General de Gaulle. Tel. 02 51 91 41 87.
Moulin de la Faubretiere, la Faubretiere. Tel.02 51 91 48 14
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Taxis;           Blanchard et  Compagnie. 15, rue Eugene Charrier. Tel.02 51 91 44 15.
Taxis Bouperien. 11, rue Commdt Joseph Grelet.  Tel. 02 51 67 52 99.

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le Boupere, Vendee
Le Boupere, vendee. Fortified Church.
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