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Vendee Wars Sites

The Wars of the Vendee is possibly  the most important event in the history of the Vendee since the middle ages and it left an indelible mark both on the Vendee people and the way they view their history.
Today there are many attractions that tell the story, but there are also many sites where the tragic events are remembered.
Below we have listed many of these sites, some will need some time to visit while other you can take in while passing with just a few moments stop.

Memorial de la Vendee, Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne. A moving experience, the memorial is situated close to the Historial de la Vendee.

La Chapelle du Petit Luc, Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne where 564 Vendeens including 110 children under the age of 7 were massacred.

Historial de la Vendee. The Vendee's main museum where there is a large section devoted to the Wars.

Loges Charbotterie. Scene of the arrest of General Charette in 1796. Exhibition on the wars de la vendee.

La Gaubretiere, Known as the "Panteon de la Vendee" because so many of the victims of the wars are buried here. It was also the seen of a massacre of over 500 of its inhabitants

Noirmoutier Castle. The museum houses many paintings and artifacts relating to the conflict.

Refuge du Grasla. In the forest the Vendeen army hide from the columns infernal, this site re-captures the life of those who saught sanctuary.

Bouin. Where women and children were massacred after being found on the stair to the bell tower of the church.

Beauvoir-sur-mer. Stain glass window  of scene from the war.

Rocheserviere. There was fierce fighting on the bridge and the church has 10 stained glass windows with scenes from the conflict.

Puy du FouGrand Parc.The Chemin de la Memoire. This sunken lane will help you discover the Wars of the Vendee.
                  Cinescenie This world class night time show is mainly devoted to the Wars of the Vendee

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Insignia of the Vendean royalist insurgents. Note the French words 'Dieu Le Roi' beneath the heart-and-cross, meaning 'God (and) the King'