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Vendée Nature
With such a diverse landscape giving rise to exceptional habitats for flora and fauna it makes the Vendée  a nature lovers paradise.
There are throughout the Vendée a multitude of attractions for those interested in Natural History, they vary from: ecomuseums with both specific and general themes, nature reserves, aquariums, bird parks to general areas of outstanding natural beauty.
No where in the Vendée are you far from nature and indeed it is man's interaction with natures exuberance that has produced this truly remarkable part of France.

Below are listed most of the more popular sites with links to other pages and websites for detailed information.
Regional National Parks Observatories for watching bird life that can be found at; Les Landes Genusson, St. Denis du Payre, le Poire-sur-Velluire, reserve biologique de Nalliers-Mouzeuil and ile d'Olonne. There are also many other places to watch and observer not only birds but the varied and numerous flora a Fauna of the Vendee. These would include all 3 marshlands, the Marais Breton, the Marais Olonne and the Marais Poitevin, the Baie de l'Aiguillon, the Mervent-Vouvant Forest and the Rivers: Sevre Nantaise, Lay, Vie, Vendee and Payre. This of course is not the limit for as the Vendée is a rural landscape rich in natural habitats then literally everywhere you will find a vast range of birdlife, for example while crossing the Fontenay-Lucon Prairie look out for the 3 different harriers, the Hen, Montaigu's and marsh harriers that along with bussards ,kestrels, black kites and various other birds of prey which are regularly seen here.
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Nature related Attractions.

Piont du Payre
This nature reserve is of importance as a geological treasure with the oldest rock structures in the Vendee, Dinisaur  footprint fossils are to be found here, it is also an important habitat for flora and fauna. Read More...

Point de l'Aiguillon. Nature reserve where the river lay entres the Baie de l'Aiguillon.

Les Salines Discover the salt marshes of the Marais salant (olonne) their wild life and natural habitas and visit the saline and watch the production of salt.  Read More....

The sealand aquarium at noirmoutier-en-ile, enter the under water world of fish and marine creatures from around the world.Read More...
Maison de the Vie Rurale. In the Haut Bocage at la Flocelliere this house of things rural you will discover traditions of the past, ancient vegetables an insight into the rural landscape.

Kulmino At this water tower in the Breton Marshes you will discover a great deal about water and the environment, plus a trip to the top gives a wonderful panoramic view.
Maison des Libellule.  The centre for dragonflies, in a state of the arts centre discover the life of the dragonfly. Read More..

Cite des Oiseaux
This wildfowl reserve in the Haut bocage is an important wintering ang nesting site for a large variety of birds.Read more....

L'Ile aux Papillons.
On the Ile de Noirmoutier is a butterfly farm where you can see the many species of butterflies in Frances largest butterfly greenhouse. Read More...

Mervent-Vouvant Forest. This large and beautiful forest in the south of the Vendee is truly a nature lovers paradice with lakes, forest walks and even a ZooRead more...

Maison de la Riviere.In and around  a watermill at St.Georges-Montaigu you will find not only tranquility but a centre devoted to life of the river.  Read More..

Marais Salants An introduction to the gathering of salt and to the salt marshes. Read More..

Folie de Finfarine. A site dedicated to the enviroment, education and to the Bee. Read More..

7th Continent.  The Aquarium at Talmont St.Hilaire

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