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Vendée Châteaux, Castles & Churches

Feudal Castles.

Vieux-château de l'Île d'Yeu. This château is built on a rocky islet on the rugged west coast of the Ile d'yeu
Château de Noirmoutier. This is one of the finest preserved medieval castles in France, Now a Museum.
Château Garnache. Not much remains of this once powerful castle that control so much of Northern Vendee. 
Château de Commequiers,
Castle Commequiers. This delightful castle with moat is as picturesque as any in the Vendee
Château de Talmont St. Hilaire. Richard the Lion Hearts castle,open during season with medieval displays.
Château du Pouzages. From the keep there are great views over the Haut Bocage. open in season.
Tour de Moricq  All that remains of the castle that protected the harbour of Moricq and the river Lay
Château des Essarts.Situated just outside the town of Essarts, open during the season.
Château de Vendrennes,
Château de Tiffauges
Château de Barbe Blue. The château at Tiffauges is open during the season with medieval displays,
Château de l’Échasserie, la Bruffière
Le Fief-Milon, le Boupère
Château de Sigournais, a unique feudal castle in the bas bocage.
Châteaumur, Les Châtelliers-Châteaumur
Château de la Flocellière, 
Donjon de Bazoges-en-Pareds,
This amazing keep from a medieval fortification is now a Museum
Tour Mélusine, The keep and ramparts of this ancient castle overlook the river Mere at Vouvant
Château St.Mesmin Though technically not in the vendee,it moat forms the boundary.
Renaissance Castles

Château de Bessay, (tour et pigeonnier du XVIe siècle, logis XVIIè et XVIIIe siècle)
Château de la Bonnetière, Saint-Urbain
Château de la Vérie, Challans

Château Apremont In the heart of the Village of Apremont. Open in season.
Château de l’Audardière, Apremont 
Château du Veillon, Talmont-Saint-Hilaire

Château de la Guignardière
Château de la Cantaudière, Moutiers-les-Mauxfaits
Château de la Brunière, Le Givre
Château de Les Voureuils, Chasnais

Château de La Boursière, Venansault

Château d’Ardelay, Near les Herbiers,  15th century tower and wooden drawbidge
Le Bois-Tissandeau, Les Herbiers
Château de la Grève, Saint-Martin-des-Noyers
Château de la Métaire, Le Poiré-sur-Vie
Château du Pont de Vie, Le Poiré-sur-Vie

La Chabotterie
, Saint-Sulpice-le-Verdon
Château de la Preuille, Saint-Hilaire-de-Loulay
Le Colombier, Mouchamps
Château des Roches-Baritaud, Saint-Germain-de-Prinçay

Château de la Pélissonnière, Le Boupère
Château de la Bonnelière, Saint-Michel-Mont-Mercure

Le Puy du Fou , Les Épesses
Château de Terre Neuve
this magnificent rennaissance château has several rooms open to the public 
Château de l’Aubraie, La Réorthe
Château de l'Hermenault attractive gardens, bateau barn, watermill etc. Open in the season
Château La Citardiere. Built around 1625 this castle is the only one of two in the Vendée with water in the moat.
Logis & chateaux of XVII century.

Castel du Verger, Saint-Christophe-du-Ligneron

Château de la Brunière, la Chapelle-Hermier
Château de Beaumarchais, Brétignolles-sur-Mer
Château de La Rabattelière, la Rabatelière

Château de Palluau, Palluau (ruine)
Le Parc-Soubise, Mouchamps

Château de Sainte-Hermine, Sainte-Hermine
Château de la Chevalerie, Sainte-Gemme-la-Plaine 

Logis & chateaux XVIII

Fonteclose, La Garnache
Pierre-Levée, Olonne-sur-Mer
Landebeaudière, La Gaubretière
La Baugisière, Saint-Michel-le-Cloucq
Churches in the Vendee

Abbaye Maillezais
Abbaye Nieul-sur-l'Autise.
Le Boupere. Fortified church in the Haut Bocage near Pouzages.
La Basilica, St Laurent-sur-Sevre.
Cheffois. Medieval fortified church.
Prieure de Chassay-Grammont. Founded by Richard the Lion Heart, it is one of the best preserved prieures in France.
Abbaye de L'Ile Chauvet On an island in the Breton Marshes stands a 12th century abbey
Abbaye Saint Croix. This abbey at Les Sables d'Olonne is now a museum to modern and contempary art.
L'Abbaye Notre Dames de Lieu-Dieu Founded by Richard the Lion Heart in 1190.
Abbaye St.Jean d'Orbestier. At Ch
âteau d'Olonne this 12th century abbey has now been restored.
Abbaye de la Grainetier. The ruins of the old abbey and the cloisters and charter house are still used today.
Abbey of St.Michel-enl'Herm.Founded in 628 this is one of the oldest in the Vendee.
Lucon Cathedral On the site of a XII century church is most famous bishop was Cardinal Richelieu.
Fontenay-le-Comte. Eglise du Notre Dame
Curzon. Noted for its medieval crypt.
Vieux Pouzages, This old church has medieval wall paintings.
St.Michel-mont-Mercury. This church is the highest point in the Vendée and offers unrivalled views.
La Pommeraie-sur-Sèvre  XIII century church with medieval wall frescoes.
Mesnard la Barotiere.  11th century chuch with medieval wall paintings.
Vouvant XI century church with Romanesque porch.
St.Nicholas de Brem XI century chapel of a Benedictine priory.
St Benoist. Fortified medieval chuch from the 11th century.
The list below shows the Châteaux & Castles in the Vendée with a brief description and where possible a link to a page with further details. In all there are 18 Feudal Castles, 27 Renaissance castles,  8 XVII century and 4 XVIII century castles and Logis.
The Vendée has a rich heritage of abbeys, priories and churches, although the various wars of the region have left many in a state of ruin.
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