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Pets on Holiday

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More and more people want to bring their pets with them on holiday and there are an increasing number of holiday rental properties that will accommodate those that do

Taking Pets to France on Holiday

If you are travelling to France with pets it is required that each pet must have a full and valid 'EU Pets Passport' in order for them to return to the UK without being quarantined for 6 months. Your vet will be able to advise you about pet passports and they will be up to date with the ever changing regulations. These will include;

1: Restricted Breeds of dangerous dogs.
2: The age of your pet. Pets are not normally vaccinated against rabies until they are 6 months old and then require a further 6 months before being allowed to travel.
3: Microchip identification (not tattoo).
4: A valid rabies vaccination, if your pet has not been vaccinated against rabies then a blood test will be required after the first vaccination and your pet must wait a further six months before being allowed to travel.

Before you return to the UK you will be required to take your pet to a French vet who will carry out a tick and flea treatment 24 to 48 hours before departing, the vet will then stamp and sign the passport. Failure to get this treatment and the relevant documentation will result in your pet being refused entry to the UK.

A list of  veterinary practices in the Vendée with some 60 veterinary practices listed, you should not be more than a few minutes away from one. It is recommended that you contact your nearest vet a week before returning to the UK to make an appointment.

Some of you may wish to have your pet on holiday with you, but may not have the room in your vehicle, perhaps you have more than one, or simply not care to have your pet with you on your voyage. Whatever the reason there is service called  Animal Couriers that can help you. This company specialises in pet travel, it is certified by Defra, has specialised vehicles and can tailor make the arrangements to suit you. For more details see their website on or phone them on 44+(0)1483 200123.
As sometimes happens you may have fallen in love with a stray animal and wish to give it a new and safe home. To do this you will need to either ensure that it has the correct passport to comply with the stringent UK entry conditions, or you could use the above service at Animal Couriers. They will collect your new found friend from you, keep it quarantined until the passport comes into effect and then deliver it to you in the UK.

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