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L'aqueduc de Maillé

Just outside the small village of Maille where the Canal of the Jeune Autise crosses the Vix Canal is one of the treasures of the marshes, the Aqueduc de Maille

Building an Aquaduct bridge (also known as a canal bridge) is proof of great technical skills, permitting as it does two water courses to cross each other, isolated by a submerged tunnel.

The works were undertaken between 1654 and 1662 upon the completion of drainage works in the marshes of Vix. The aqueduct is part of a fast hydraulic network comprising of the Vix canal, the channelled River Jeune Autise and the Contrebot at Vix.

It is here at this confluence that the Jeune Autise disgorges the marsh waters as it crosses the heart of the aqueduct. The canal de Vix receives the waters of the reclaimed marshes as it passes through the submerged tunnel, and in this way the Hydraulic energy and the large volume of water are skilfully controlled.

During 2009/10 a major reconstruction of the aqueduct walls was undertaken. Now fully restored it is worthy of a closer look to marvel at this inguinious piece of engineering.

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