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Situated halfway between Les Sable d'Olonne and la Tranche-sur-Mer the town of Jard-sur-Mer is now two kilometres from the coast. It has an active if small port which shelters in the hollow of the Conchette cove, where a modern marina has taken the place of the old fishing port. and there are plenty of bars, cafes, restaurants and gift shops. On either side of the harbour there are small beaches. With the opening of the railway from Lucon to Les Sables d'Olonne in 1930 the town experienced rapid expansion as it developed accommodation for the ever growing holiday industry.

Sitting on a roundabout on the D21 at the edge of the town is the 11th century Church of St.Radegonds which had additions made to it in the 12th century, including a Gothic porch. The interior of the church has a painting depicting the siege of La Rochelle and a statue of St Radegonds recalling that in 732 the Benedictine monks of St.Croix-de-Poitiers took refuge in Jard while fleeing from the Saracens. The typical narrow streets with the small white washed houses of the old town are in marked contrast to today's rather stereotypical modern bungalows and houses that now make up most of the town.

Three kilometres to the West of Jard, nestling between the pine forest and the marshes near to the pointe-du-Payre, is the Abbey, Notre-Dame-de-Lieu-Dieu. Founded in 1190 by Richard the Lion-heart it suffered badly during the Hundred years war, and then in the 16th century it was ransacked by the protestants. The Premonstratensians added the first floor and the octagonal watch towers to the corners before, in 1791, it was sold to a merchant who used much of the stone to build villas at Les Sables d'Olonne. The abbey's Charter House which was built from the 12-14th Century, has interesting intersecting ribs and now houses a museum.
All around Jard-sur-Mer are beautiful walks amongst the pine forest, the marshes and along the low cliffs.

Bike HireLoca Velo.  6 Rue de l'Océan   Tel.02 51 33 01 91

CanoeingSt.Vincent Jard. Le Goulet Canoe.Plage du Goulet. Tel.06 88 78 28 23.

Campsites Jard-sur-Mer.
                                   Camping le Bosquet. 7 rue Ocean. Tel. 02 51 33 56 57
                                   Camping Le Curtys. Route Perpoise.  Tel. 02 51 33 06 55.
                                   Camping les Ecureuils. 16 route Goffineaux. Tel. 02 51 33 42 74.
                                   Camping Oceano d'Or. Rue Georges Clemeneau. Tel. 02 51 33 65 08.
                                   Camping le Pomme de Pin. Rue Vincent Auriol. Tel. 02 51 33 43 85.
                                   Camping La Ventouse. Rue Pierre Curie. Tel. 02 51 33 58 65.
                                   Chadotel. 90,rue Gearges Clemenceau. Tel. 02 51 33 05 05.
                                   Palmiers Ocean. Rue Biaille de Langibaudiere. Tel. 02 51 33 91 31.

Taxis; Godard Frederic. 1,rue Perpoise.  Tel.02 51 3357 29.

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