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Grand Parc,  Puy-du-Fou

Sud Vendee.. Haut Bocage.. Coastal Region.. Marais Poitevin.. Marais Breton.. Bas Bocage.. Plaine.. Marais Olonne..
The Largest Historic and educational theme park in the World, this is the Vendée’s number 1 attraction along with the Cinescenie night time show which is held on summer weekends.
The 110 acre natural woodland site with attractive gardens and lakes has over 1000 animals, 17 restaurants there are 4 villages from different times in history which have been meticulously reconstructed and where many of the day to day trades are re-enacted to as near authentic accuracy as is possible.
There are 5 major Spectaculars that take place throughout the day, most are repeated but this depends on the time of year that you visit.
There are also dozens of smaller activities happening everywhere you turn all over the park, and wherever you go there is something different going on.
It is without doubt the finest day out in the Vendée and something the equal of which you will not find anywhere else in the world.

The Major Shows.

Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantomes. This must be the finest display of Falconry in the world with up to 150 birds of prey in the air for the finale. Set in the amphitheatre of Vieux Château the show introduces the many birds of prey to the audience, the falconers are positioned all around the stage and as the birds fly from falconer to falconer they raise the hair on your head and give you a close up view of these impressive creatures. View the Video

Mousquetaires de Richelieu a show based loosely on the 3 Musketeers and held inside an enormous auditorium with the world’s largest curtain (70m), this show, which involves horses dancing on a lake, ladies dancing through the fountains and of course our 3 Musketeers plus much more. Tip:- Even though this is held in a gigantic theatre, seats are limited so get there 15 minutes before the start time.

The Vikings. This is pure theatre. It portrays a small village in medieval times where a marriage ceremony is taking place when it is invaded by the Vikings. It is full of great visual effects to a standard only ever seen here at the Puy du Fou.  See the Video

Gladiateurs.  The large Gallo Roman coliseum is the setting for this great spectacular which includes gladiators, "Ben Hur" style chariot racing, the feeding of a few Christians to the lions and a few other pieces of entertainment. It’s a great show in a spectacular setting.
View the Video
New show for 2011

Les Orgues de Fou. Held in April,July and August, this is a grand nigh time spectacular on the great lake with fountains, music and a laser light show.

le Secret de la Lance. In the 15th Century, Marguerite, a young and intrepid shepherdess, meets the knight Fulgent du Puy-du-Fou, then Jeanne la Lorraine arrives, she has come to unite all the knights in fighting the English. Before Jeanne leaves she offers the shepherdess a lance which lay in the château, this lance has supernatural capabilities and will help them overcome the English.
Le Monde Imaginaire de La Fontaine.
Enjoy this interactive experience within the extraordinary gardens of Jean de la Fontaine. Animals from the well known fables will surround you, trees will talk to you, Statues will come to life, plus many more surprises as you journey through the garden.

New for 2014  The Renaissance at the castle

The world’s largest night time show.
The Cinescenie

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Dates Open 2014.

La Grand Parc 2014

April;  12th - 30th

May; 1st to 11th, 15th to 18th,
22nd to 25th &  29th to 31st
June;  1st to 3rd,  5th to 10th & 12th to 30th

July & August; Open every day.

September; 4th to 7th
                11th to 14th. 19t to 21st.
                26th to 28th


Adult;                     offer reservation         29€,    2 days 43€,   3days   48€
                                without reservation     33€,    2days 47€,    3 days  52€        
  Chldren 5-13 years  reservation                 20€,    2days  23€,   3 days  35€
                               without reservation     22€      2 days 33€,   3 days  38€
Includes Orgues de Feu. Closes 22h30

Open 10h to 19hh except nights of Orgues de Feu

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Keep up to date with the Puy du Fou Newsletter