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Cycling routes of the Vendee.
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There is a booklet published by the Vendee tourist office which contains all of these maps.

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l,Aiguillon-sur-Mer St.Michel-en-l'Herm La Dive is an ancient island that once exsisted in the Gulf of Picton The Canal de Lucon is one of the major drainage channels on the Marais Poitevin. Baie de l'Aiguillon is both and outstanding nature reserve and one of the most productive areas for moules(mussels) in France. Pont du Brault, the last of the water management systems on the Marais Poitevin before the waters enter the sea. Chaille-les-Marais, ancient island of the Gulf of Picton.
Cycle route from L'Aiguillon-sur-mer to Chaille les Marais