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Chateau Commequiers

ommequiers astle,  Cedit Chatsum
Chateau Commequiers
This enchanting  ruined castle with its moat is a picture to behold, nestling as it does just outside the quiet village of Commequiers. This was once the home of medieval Lords who ruled this part of the bocage, of what was then, Bas Poitou.

Built in the second half of the 15th & 16th century by Louis de Beaumont, the castle now belongs to the local authority. It was like most castles in the Vendée demolished on the orders of Cardinal Richelieu in 1628 and the regular breaches in its walls are evidence to its systematic destruction. It was at the time owned by the Tremoille Family, protestant nobles who also owned the Ile de Noirmoutier.
It is octagonal in shape having 8 equally spaced towers with solid walls connecting them. The castle was built on the site of an 11th century castle which was built by the Viscount of Thousars who controlled the whole of the north of the Vendée region.
Throughout this medieval period the lords of Commequiers exercised their judical and administrative influence over a very large territory, the Barony provided high, middle and low justice and extended over the parishes of Commequiers, Soullans, St. Christophe-de-Ligneron, Mach and le Perrier and other smaller chateaux came under their jurisdiction including Mothe, Fouquerand, Soullandeau, la Moriniere, la Verre, Verger and Avau.
The Barony was always transferred by inheritance or marriage, but was sold for the first time in 1627 by Martin-du-Bellay to Phillip-du-Tremoille and was passed down through the family to his granddaughter Marie-Anne. It then went to Paul Sigismond de Montmorency whose grandson sold the castle in 1780 to the family of J.Charles Leroux du Ridelieres an alderman and merchant from Nantes who was to be the last Lord of Commequiers.

Through out the summer season medieval shows and spectaculars are held here.
The Medieval Sunday is on 1st weekend in August.  Don't miss this great show.

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Fireworks display. Photo
Firework display 13th July 2012
Ruined castle at Commequiers. credit chatsum
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